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Safety is fundamental in our company 

Safety is the foundation of our corporate culture, it has been instilled in everyone.
It has become instinctive for all our staff.


Objective : 0 accident

We exert all means to ensure a safe work environment. We are aware of the risks associated with our works and interventions on sensitive sites like Seveso. We always pay attention to our prevention plans, our risk analyses, and also permanent safety audits. We raise awareness among our staff about safety by using constant training, as well as regular on-the-spot chats.


TCMS has been MASE certified since 2013. (French certification which means Handbook for improving safety, health and environment in companies)


Certification MASE

Listening to you, to understand and meet your every need!


Constant reporting


Site feedbacks


Customer satisfaction surveys


Action plan and continuous improvement

OBJECTIVE: 100% customer satisfaction

We exist thanks to you and your loyalty is our greatest reward. Thus, we are committed to offering you maximum customer satisfaction. It shows in terms of business follow-up, achievements quality and always meeting deadlines.



QAQC: Quality assurance / operational quality control

  • Welding book (QMOS / DMOS / QS)
  • CND tracking
  • Vendor Data Book
  • Quality controls
  • Visual inspection of welds
  • Skids controls
  • Material certificates (CCPU)
  • Monitoring of hydrotests, tanks, piping
  • Welding qualifications monitoring
  • ASME / EN /… standards
  • TCMS is ISO 9001 v2015 certified.