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Engineering and design department

From engineering to the on-site installation for your industrial plants or skids, our creative synergy supports you in every step.


TCMS Expertise

Our design department is composed of 5 qualified employees. They collaborate with the New Construction, Skids and Assembler departments to offer overall or partial services. Our expertise goes from engineering to development, not to forget putting into service your products, following the effective standards.

Our Design Department is also in charge with Welding Books, material certificates and Vendor Data Book.

Design Department



SKIDS (autonomous and connectable industrial process)

industrial piping networks (gas, water vapor, liquids, superheated water)

installation of equipment

installation and calculations of pumping systems

integration of connection networks

supports, walkways, frames, structures…

pressure vessels

storage tanks (tanks, silos, etc.)

Suivi de vos travaux de tuyauterie, chaudronnerie industrielle


preliminary and detailed studies

on-site readings

general site plans

assembly and phasing plans

structure and support plans

equipment plans

isometric plans

diagrams, P&ID, production of 3D models

functional analysis

flow sheet: technical diagrams

BOQ: (materials, parts)



instrumentation accessories and fittings

the checks and tests to be carried out

risk categories (DESP / CODAP / CODETI)

Our Design Office supports :




  • electrical
  • instrumentation
  • ergo

Calculation notes in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and the calculation codes


  • geometry
  • global sizing
  • vibratory
  • structure
  • vacuum