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The TCMS assembler department has the particularity of being specialized in the assembly of SKIDS (Independent process modules).

Pipe fitters, welders, boilermakers and assemblers work together, under the responsibility of your assigned project manager and the QAQC service. This combination ensures optimal quality and responsiveness.



What is a SKID?

A SKID is an industrial process mounted on a chassis or in a container (maritime container for example) in order for it to be shipped easily. The choice of skid allows the process to be moved and / or compacted. Putting an industrial process in a “shell” allows you to control access and visibility. It also helps to protect industrial secrets.

Our SKIDS can be controlled remotely using new technologies.

Many advantages in one SKID

In addition to have a controlled and hidden access, the isolated processes are protected from environmental actions such as bad weather or corrosive atmospheres (sand, salt, chemicals). SKIDS manufactured by TCMS may also include a work area fitted out so that the operator has everything he or she needs to carry out the mission.

The design of our SKIDS incorporates the required insulation and air conditioning depending on the final location of the SKID


Reduced installation time

Our SKIDS are delivered tested and ready to be put into service


Space saving

Our 3D software optimizes space management


Mobile and modular

Depending on their design, our SKIDS can operate independently or be connected to an existing installation.



Our skids comply with all international standards.

The TCMS experience

As SKID experts, our interventions are known to be quick and highly-qualified.

SKIDS manufacturing at TCMS

For its petroleum SKIDS, TCMS complies with international ASME standards (qualified welders, Non Destructive Testing, Global and total material traceability, pressure tests, etc.). Thus, all the projects entrusted to us benefit from this rigor in manufacturing and assembly. The strength of our company is based on the experience acquired by our pipefitters, welders and boilermakers, and by the commitment of our Design Office.


Areas of application

Food, water treatment, chemistry, petrochemistry, plastics … SKIDS are present in all industrial fields and their use is becoming widespread. For examples : pooling of agricultural resources, seawater desalination, wastewater treatment, mineral prospecting units, etc.


Find out about the other skills of the assembly department



TCMS’s assembly department offers experienced boilermakers and up-to-date machine tools.

We produce custom-made boilermaking assemblies up to 12 tons and 12 meters long.



TCMS’s assembly department uses its expertise in industrial piping for the manufacture of SKIDS and prefabricated assemblies.

Then, these elements can be installed on customer site by the teams of the New Works department.