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The story of our committed Staff

Our DNA is composed of passioned and involved men and women, a valuable experience and an accomplished savoir-faire.


Over 30 years of experience

For more than 30 years, we have been manufacturing industrial piping and boiler making for various markets such as chemistry, petrochemistry, pharmacology or food-processing industry.

1985: The beginning of our History

Manuel Nogueira, young businessman, began his collaboration with SNF Floeger (global leader in polyacrylamides)

He is quickly known as a true and committed field man.

1996 : Etablissements Nogueira

Etablissements Nogueira was created in 1996

It remained a small family business. Still it was given large projects, thanks to its plain commitment ant its flawless reliability. Thus it earns trust and fidelity from its partners.

2011 : TCMS

TCMS has been created in 2011. It stands for the French “Tuyauterie, Chaudronnerie, Montage, Services” (Piping, Boiler making, Assembly, Services). Its expertise in those fields has become international thanks to TCMS DO BRAZIL, created in 2014, and several projects in England since 2016.

In 2014, Manuel Nogueira has entrusted Abdelkader Maizia with the French and British management. Mr Maizia, as a Chartered Engineer in Gaz Transport and Delivery, has a 27 years international experience in industry.

Today, a strong and motivated team of 150 people is TCMS’s strength.

Our main resource:  Our Staff

Our values have always been at the heart of our company, and the reason of our projects.


The respect of human values

Our true wealth


Customer satisfaction

The objective of our efforts


Continuous improvement

The engine of our ambition


An identical philosophy

All TCMS staffs share the same philosophy: the respect for human values, and the search for excellence. They are always stretching the limits of our requirements and so we can offer you an individual support for all your projects, in France or abroad.

Our CSR commitment

We attach a great importance to our co-workers. To do so, we have an essential respect for human rights, by giving equal opportunities and offering local and persistent jobs. Furthermore, environment protection is our concern, that’s why we sort 100% of our waste and tend to keep a lower carbon impact.